K-Life Neb-103 Nebulizer with free storage pouch
K-Life Neb-103 Nebulizer with free storage pouch
K-Life Neb-103 Nebulizer with free storage pouch
K-Life Neb-103 Nebulizer with free storage pouch
K-Life Neb-103 Nebulizer with free storage pouch
K-Life Neb-103 Nebulizer with free storage pouch

K-Life Neb-103 Nebulizer with free storage pouch

  • Triple-layer Filtration
  • Emits ultra-fine particles 
  • Provides efficient respiratory therapy
  • Based on low-noise technology
  • Useful for all Age Groups
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The K-life NEB-103 Nebulizer is a mutinous alternative to traditional nebulizers. The device is designed under the observation of pulmonologists to meet all your respiratory nebulization needs. This nebulization device The K-life NEB-103 Nebulizer ensures all respiratory problems such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, allergies and common colds can be treated well. The tank of the nebulizer is designed with a tilt to ensure lesser liquid medicine is wasted. The automatic atomizer in the device steams the liquid medicine into very fine particles to ensure better absorption in the air passage.The NEB-103 Nebulizer from K-life is an ergonomic device based on low-noise technology so that, it can be used in both, home and hospital environments. 


Triple-Layer Filtration

The NEB-103 Nebulizer is a triple-layer filtration nebulizer that ensures that unwanted particles do not get into the mouth or respiratory tract of the patient.

Low Noise Technology

The K-life NEB-103 Nebulizer is based on a low-noise technology. This nebulization device produces as little as 60db noise and thus, is useful in all types of environments.

No Medicine Residue

The Medicine Cup in the K-life NEB-103 Nebulizer holds up to 5ml liquid medicine at a time and comes with a slight stiletto to ensure no medicine is wasted.

Durable Compressor Piston

The new and improved NEB-103 Nebulizer is powered by a robust piston-type compressor that produces strong pressure and flow.

Compact Design

The NEB-103 Nebulizer from K-life comes with a storage pouch that makes it easy to carry the equipment and use them for nebulization purposes on the go!

Suitable for All Age Groups

The new and improved K-life NEB-103 Nebulizer is easy to use and comes with separate masks for adults and children thus, making it suitable for all age groups.

How to use

Pour the liquid medicine into the medicine cup.

Attach the mouthpiece and mask to the medicine cup.

Now, attach the medicine cup to the compressor tube.

Place the mouthpiece in your mouth or, if you are using a mask, place it on your face covering your nose and mouth. Now, switch on the compressor and breathe through your mouth for as long as the liquid medicine is not finished.


The NEB-103 Compressor Nebulizer from K-life is an unparalleled nebulization kit designed to combat various respiratory diseases. The ergonomic design, nebulization efficiency, triple layer filtration and the warranty of the machine for up to 2 Years make the Nebulizer from K-life the best nebulizer available online!

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Hemant Singh

Nice product

Smoke not provided..

First 10 to 15 times used is ok but after smoke not provided.
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